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Land Clearing, Tree Removal, and Demolition

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Land Clearing

Whether you have a development project in mind or you simply want to clean up the landscape on your commercial or residential property, turn to Forret Tree & Land Clearing, a local, family-owned business, for all your land clearing needs. 

Tree Removal

 It’s important to choose a team that has the experience and knowledge to safely remove your trees without causing further damage. We will handle your tree problems with no risk to you, your family, or your neighborhood. 

Excavation Work

Even areas with limited access are no problem for us. Let us help you complete your construction or landscaping project with our expert land clearing services using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Storm Cleanup

When Mother Nature wreaks havoc on your residential or commercial property, take advantage of Forret Tree & Land Clearing’s year-round 24-hour cleanup services. Whether the damage is limited to a tree or two or your entire property, we can help.

Tree Trimming

Maintain the safety of your residential or commercial property with regular tree shaping and trimming services from the licensed and certified arborists at Forret Tree & Land Clearing

Stump Grinding

Eliminate dangerous and unsightly stumps from your commercial or residential property with expert stump grinding performed by Forret Tree & Land Clearing. We specialize in removal of even the most inaccessible stumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the stump do you remove?
Typically, stumps are ground down 4 to 6 inches below the surface, which is usually a depth adequate to prevent further growth and allow grass to grow. Deep grinding down to 15 inches beneath the surface is also available.
What happens to the stump?

 The process of grinding creates sawdust and wood chips that can either be used to fill in the void created by stump removal using our unique hydraulic plow, or put to use by homeowners as mulching for flower and planting beds.

How much does stump grinding cost?

Just like every tree is different, so is every stump, yard and job, which is priced according to size, species, location and accessibility. This is why we provide free estimates at your convenience. Just call us now at ‭(239) 878-1594‬ to set a convenient time, or fill out our handy contact form.

Do I need to have my fence removed?

Good question! In most cases, our compact, state-of-the-art equipment can fit through standard gate openings, eliminating the need and added expense of removing and reinstalling fencing.

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